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Creavo Medical Technologies Ltd is a UK-based, privately held medical technology company that has developed an innovative diagnostic platform based technology for use in elective and emergency clinical settings.

We have held three successful investment rounds since July 2015, raising more than £20 million, by demonstrating the strength of our strategy and leadership team. We’re backed by IP Group plc, a developer of intellectual property-based businesses,which has been an investor since our inception. The company has also attracted other investors, including Parkwalk Advisors Ltd and Puhua Capital Ltd, plus long-term support from the University of Leeds.

If you are interested in discussing investment opportunities, we’d like to hear from you.

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Timeline of Key Achievements

April 2014

Company created as a spin out from the University of Leeds with initial £1.6m “seed funding”

February 2015

60 60 clinical study completed at Leeds

July 2015

£4.6m raised in Series A funding round

February 2016

Company received ISO 13485

November 2016

Creavo's research device receives CE mark

January 2017

Start of 750 patient, multi-site effectiveness study in five major UK ED's

May 2017

£13.4m raised in Series B funding round

Oct 2017

Creavo's research device receives FDA 510(k) approval

July 2018

Start of 720 patient, multi-site effectiveness study in five major US healthcare research facilities